Important Information

School Hours
Monday to Friday  9.00 am to  3.00 pm
Morning Break  10.30 am to 10.50 am
Lunch Time   12.30 pm to  1.30 pm.
The school is open each school day from 8.00 am.

School Donation
There is a voluntary school donation. This is set by the Board of Trustees and is currently $20 per child per term, or $50 per term, per family of 3 or more. Your donations are used to subsidise some school trips and other activities, and to subsidise the purchase of extra equipment and materials for school activities and events. These are tax deductible.  Donations can be paid in instalments, lump sum, or made by automatic payments through your bank.

Absences from School
It is school policy to check any unexplained absences, so please notify us if your child is going to be away from school by calling the school absence line. Please notify Robyn in the office if, for any reason, your child is going to be late or will need to leave school early. If your child is to be away at a future date, Robyn also needs to know this. You can leave a message on the absence line (569 5422) or text the school mobile on 0221733071.

Leaving the School Grounds
Children will be permitted to leave the school grounds during school hours ONLY when written requests are received from parents. Parents/students must fill in the “Log Out” book if a child leaves during the school day.

When children are going home for lunch on a daily basis, a note at the beginning of each term is all that is required.

As a school, our focus is on ‘self-discipline’. We aim to help children to grow towards an awareness and acceptance of responsibility for their own actions.
School rules, and the steps for dealing with breaches of these rules, are set out in our Behaviour Management Plan.  Copies of this plan are available from the school office during normal school hours.

A list of stationery needed at each class level is sent home at the end of the school year, or when your child commences school. A limited amount of stationery is also available for purchase from the school office.

Valuable Items
We discourage children from bringing valuable items (such as games, toys or jewellery) to school as there is always the risk of them being lost. Staff cannot accept responsibility for valuable property at school.

These are held every Friday at 2.20 pm and 2.30 pm alternatively.
The 2.20 pm assemblies are held to: share children’s work, sing, hand out awards.
The 2.30 pm assemblies are held to: sing and meet as a school.

Our assemblies are an important time for our school community to join together in an atmosphere of togetherness and celebration. You are
always welcome to join us.

Any money coming into the school needs to be put into an envelope, clearly labelled with the child’s name, room number and what it is for.  The envelope is then placed in the class money bucket, for checking by staff.

Lunches may be purchased through the school on Fridays only.

Lunch orders need to be placed in the lunch bucket in the school office by 9.00 am and you must use the school lunch envelopes that are available at the office

Mince Pies

Mini Pie (mince and cheese)     



American Hotdogs $2.20
Sausage Rolls     $1.20
Pizza      $2.20  

Fish and Chips - At the end of every term we offer the children a chance to buy fish and chips.